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Robert Galinsky is the founder and president of the New York Reality TV School. An innovator in experiential learning techniques, Galinsky appreciates the connections and similarities between succeeding in the business world and winning within the newly emerging reality TV market. He created the New York Reality TV School and its programs as a means to share his knowledge and training principals with organizations, businesses, would-be television contestants and media outlets. 

Galinsky has appeared on The VIEW, ABC Nightline News, BBC TV, Wall Street Journal Digital TV, FOX Good Day New York’s “Money Watch”, CNBC, talking about authenticity, confidence, and narrative. He has been quoted in The Financial Times of London, Advertising Age, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New York Times and other print media to discuss his revolutionary workplace approaches.

Galinsky has recently been invited to deliver his "Energizer" program to TED Talks in New York City and is a newly appointed advisor to The 140 Characters Conference, where he has been asked to deliver the "Energizer" program as a means to expand attendee horizons and thought patterns.




Robert will customize his speech program to suit your audience needs and can incorporate Reality TV Clips and/or a Reality TV style film crew into all of his presentations to enhance audience engagement and strengthen takeaway

Getting to the Next Level of Greatness:  Lessons Learned from Reality TV

How to find and empower your authentic self to enhance your personal and professional success.

Acing The Sales Call, with Personality

From the first email, phone call and entrance into a room, impressions are being formed and your relationship has begun. Like the audition for a reality TV show, your first 30 seconds with a prospective client is absolutely critical to your future success. "Acing The Sales Call" is a must participate program for anyone who wants to learn how to make a positive and lasting impress on a prospective client, and close the sale.

Leadership, Unscripted

Growth, market conditions and unexpected change are just some of the things that can affect a company's efficiency, focus and leadership. When streamlining efforts and building strong teams, it's important to ask questions. Robert Galinsky's "Unscripted Leadership" transforms the corporate leadership training session into a fun experience that applies the lessons and tools of reality TV with the ever-changing corporate world. Participants come away with clear tactical, tangible take-aways that improve communication, leadership, presentation skills as well as confidence.

The Energizer

This series of interactive, brief but effective, ‘meeting breaks’  where we engage participants in exhilarating ‘out of your chair’ camaraderie building, energizing and identity revealing, exercises which creating valuable experiences that help attendees better connect with other attendees, maintain energy levels throughout long conferences and also build fun and laughter into a meeting agenda

NYRTVS Interactive Communications & Teambuilding Programs

New York Reality TV School Corporate Communication Training is that an organization's ability to get to the next level of greatness is determined by the authentic personal and professional narrative of each person in the company. These professional and personal narratives are at the root of daily conversations that eventually reach the organizations' clients, customers, and co-workers, and are the key drivers of authenticity and productivity in the work place. 

Participants in NYRTVS's programs gain immediate insights into their strengths and weaknesses through a series of highly interactive 'real play' and 'role play' between Galinsky and themselves - and in some cases actual reality TV veterans.Galinsky is a master at breaking down assumptions, introducing fresh thinking, and reintroducing participants to their untapped potential. Participants move back and forth between powerful slide presentations and experiential 'on your feet' exercises that mimic customer and client interactions, promote leadership and collaboration, enhance personal authenticity, facilitate confident decision making, and inspire sustained excellence.

NYRTVS techniques foster leaders who can confidently identify the most constructive actions available in any setting, to enhance opportunities for success. Attendees create a brain and body memory of the exercises that help create an instinctive sense of leadership and a more intimate relationship with your brand – and customer.



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