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Since he was fourteen, Robert Dubac has been on stage entertaining strangers.  A supremely skilled performer who challenges convention, Dubac brings every audience to new heights with profound insight and a wit of the highest caliber. His ability to combine the raucous laughter of stand-up comedy with the startling thrill of live theater has proven to be enormously successful and truly innovative.

Robert Dubac draws on decades of showbiz experience as a writer, actor and stand-up comic to create one-man shows that explore political ideas, social mores and the complexity of the human experience with unparalleled wit and humor.  Shifting effortlessly from one hilarious character to the next, he takes every audience on a journey into his mindscape, letting them ride his train of thought through a route that is somehow both circuitous and direct.

In addition to his extensive and ongoing artistic endeavors, Dubac has found significant success in the mainstream entertainment industry.  He appeared in many feature films including “After the Game,” “Cold Ground,” “Sketch Artist,” “Stitches,” “Innocent Obsession” and “The Rookie.”  His TV credits range from comedic turns in sitcoms like “Growing Pains” and “Diff’rent Strokes” to drama, with appearances on programs such as “Life Goes On” and “Jack and Mike.”


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