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Richard Wiese is a world-class explorer and host of ABC’s new program, Born to Explore, premiered on September 3, 2011. He is also author of a detailed guidebook entitled the same name. Critically acclaimed Born to Explore is about local culture, people, places and the planet. Since its first airdate Born to Explore has been the number one show in America (in its time slot.) Wiese has been profiled from Travel and Leisure to The New York Times and appears regularly on Good Morning America.
Since he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro at age 11, Richard has circled the globe capturing stunning images and living one adventure after another—from traveling with Bedouins in Africa and skiing to the North Pole. As a respected field scientist in 2002 Richard became the youngest man to become president of The Explorers Club. As an extreme adventurer his goal is to inspire young people and spark their interest for discovery and the love of outdoors.

Wiese’s philosophy is that living an active outdoor nature-filled life in today’s society is challenging but certainly not impossible. The premise of Born to Explore is as much about discovery of the natural world as it is for creating a positive understanding of the many beautiful cultures that inhabit our planet. Wiese is very dedicated to working with local communities around the world to have their message heard in their own words. Richard believes the most memorable aspect of any journey is not “the summit” but the people you meet along the way.

  • Member of the largest medical expedition to ever be conducted on Mt. Everest.
  • Cross Country skied to the North Pole
  • The first ever weather station on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro.
  • Participated in a university team project to put satellite collars on jaguars in the Yucatan jungle.
  • Discovered 29 new life forms in the crater of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa.
  • First ascent of unclimbed remote Wrangel St. Elias Mountains of Alaska
  • Living with the Batwa pygmies in Uganda.
  • Co-Discovered 202 new forms of life in first microbial survey of Central Park in New York City.
  • Climbed and took samples of the most geologically unique volcano in the world, Tanzania’s Oldonyo Lengai during eruption.
  • Member of two expeditions to Antarctica for the purpose of climatology studies.
  • Organizer/Founder of Central Park, “Bio Blitz.” A 24 hour cataloguing of all life forms including new species by over 500 world-class scientists and students.
  • Trekking down the deepest canyon in the world with Polish team, in Peru.
  • Member of the 2004 Yeronisos Island Expedition, to find the birth temple of Caesarian son of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar.
  • Led an expedition to the Northern Territory of Australia to look for basis of the Aboriginal myth of the Rainbow Serpent.
  • In 2006 the American Museum of Natural History Expeditions named Wiese an Explorer in residence.
  •  He was honored at the 2005 Boy Scout National Jamboree where he addressed 90,000 people and had a camp named after him.
  • As a journalist, he has received numerous honors, including an Emmy, a Genesis Award, an Associated Press Folio Award, and a Golden Halo Advertising Award for Best Environmental/Wildlife Campaign. His articles have appeared in countless national publications.
  • Joined a group of lead scientists and celebrities to search for a new breed of dinosaur on a Dino Dig in Canada.
  • Explored the vast range of volcanoes in Iceland, haunting glaciers and the famed geothermal pool, the Blue Lagoon.
  • Traveled to Morocco becoming the first westerner to ever visit the Berber people of Tarfrout high in the Atlas Mountains.
  • 2012 Cronkite Award for Excellence in Exploration and Journalism.





Lessons learned from the highest, hottest and coldest places, and all points in between.

“Exploring the Extremes” is an inspiring, memorable and entertaining evening of storytelling with world-class explorer and TV adventurer Richard Wiese.

Since he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro at age 11, Richard Wiese has circled the globe capturing stunning images, living one adventure after another—from traveling with Bedouins in Africa to skiing to the North Pole.

Wiese’s touching depictions and delightful sense of humor brings his adventures to life for audiences of all kinds. Illustrated with riveting images and footage of the lessons he’s learned, Wiese weaves his experiences into a compelling and awe-inspiring keynote.

His style evokes the magic of true exploration and leadership with personal anecdotes from his expeditions, while asserting that everyone has his or her own “Everest.” He also touches upon his book, “Born to Explore” (Harper Collins 2009), which encourages people to awaken their sense of the outdoors, much like Henry Thoreau.

Go behind the scenes with Wiese for a spellbinding ride through the world of extreme adventure and exploration.

Join the adventure!




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