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It's Rave Reviews for Michael Cavanaugh's Performance with the Orlando Philharmonic
Orlando, FL, January 2012

Michael Cavanaugh yet again led a spirited concert series in Florida this past weekend, performing his wildly popular "Music of Billy Joel & More" symphony program for the Orlando Philharmonic. 

EDGE Publications contributor Rebecca Thomas, who reviewed the show, praised Cavanaugh for his excitable demeanor and energetic presence on-stage:

"A large part of what created this atmosphere was Cavanaugh himself. He had a human element to him that we so often find lacking in seasoned Rock Gods these days, despite how personable they may be. ...

"Furthermore, his tendency to invite audience participation in songs, introduce comical anecdotes between sets, and simply glow with a pearly white smile and lyrical laughter constantly, turned him into the ultimate entertainer; something I can’t help but think that his mentor, Billy Joel, would be especially proud of. ...

"Five out of five stars for a truly extraordinary performance by both a phenomenal orchestra, a brilliant band and a star who may one day have a following -- whether he likes it or not -- to rival the original Piano Man himself."


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