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AntiGravity Teams Up with Epson for a High-Flying Photo Shoot
New York, NY, October 2011

Most recently, Epson sponsored a photo shoot with famed and respected photographer Joe McNally, under the supervision of AntiGravity's Creator Christopher Harrison, who helped direct the AntiGravity Boots Team bounding over the Manhattan skyline. Veteran Team AntiGravity members Rayshine Harris, Daniel Stover & Vitalii Buza soared to new heights and the entire advertising team overseeing the shoot was blown away by their infectious energy.  It was the perfect model for Epson's new campaign “Finish Strong,” which reinforces the message that no matter how great the shoot, it is only as good as your print.   

Furthermore, this experience was a great reunion for AntiGravity and photographer Joe McNally. McNally is the photographer's photographer, meaning he has the respect of the entire industry.  His impeccable work, made famous in National Geographic and LIFE Magazine, has generated mass appeal and international exposure.  When AntiGravity was in its budding stages (before the likes of graphic programs such as Photoshop), they conducted a stunning trampoline photo shoot beneath the Brooklyn Bridge under the direction of Joe. Much to AntiGravity's pleasure, this recent collaboration with McNally and Epson proved to be yet another triumph. 

Ad courtesy of Epson.

Photos courtesy of Joe McNally.

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