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Michael Cavanaugh Rocks Quad City Symphony with Spring Pops Performance
Davenport, IA, June 2011

Michael Cavanaugh rocked the Adler Theatre this past weekend, playing his acclaimed symphony program "Michael Cavanaugh in Concert: The Music of Billy Joel & More!"

Quad City Times reviewer Jonathan Turner writes:

"The terrific, very audience-interactive show started with an overture and no piano, but soon Mr. Cavanaugh began with the blazingly fast repeated notes of 'Angry Young Man,' wearing the standard '70s Billy Joel outfit -- sport coat, jeans and sneakers. As would happen throughout the evening to make room for more numbers, the first song was cut short and burst into 'Movin' Out,' with the first of many impressive tenor sax turns by John Scarpulla.

Mr. Cavanaugh explained the rock ballet's most important song was the epic 'Scenes From an Italian Restaurant,' telling the story of the main characters, Brenda and Eddie. He and Mr. Scarpulla -- in wonderfully big, fat sax solos -- were mesmerizing, and the entire five-piece combo backing Mr. Cavanaugh was a delight all night.

Compared to his musical hero, Mr. Cavanaugh has a warmer, fuller voice -- beautiful and rich with emotion -- and they share the soaring high range, especially of Mr. Joel's early years. But he doesn't have Mr. Joel's menacing, street-smart toughness, which isn't altogether a bad thing."

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