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Jeffrey Ernstoff Presents At Castrol Brainstorming Event
London, England, May 2011

This was the third in a series of special presentations by Jeffrey Ernstoff at senior brainstorming events hosted by Castrol as they develop long range plans for the year 2020 (The previous two  presentations addressed "Change in the Digital Age"  and "Mutations in Manufacturing"). Speaking / performing to Castrol's  most innovative engineers and technicians, Jeffrey presented  insights from the worlds of music, dance and large scale pageantry  (Olympics, Super Bowls)   that foster "outside the box" thinking and complex "choreography "of  any business.  The entire series was developed for Castrol by Clareo Partners - International consultants based in Chicago. 

Senior Castrol  executives   have evaluated Ernstoff''s  projects for them as "highly imaginative and artfully linked  to the subject."   

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