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Marco Tempest Astonishes Davos Dignitaries at World Economic Forum
Davos, Switzerland , February 2011

Marco spent a week at the Annual Meeting 2011 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, performing, speaking and participating with other global leaders of industry, entertainment and finance

Rubbing elbows with world leaders in politics, entertainment and technology, the cyber-illusionist sat on panels, attended gala dinners, and presented his own cyber-illusion talk and show to the crowd assembled.

On the opening day, Tempest attended the Cross Industry Governer’s dinner, featuring leaders in the media, entertainment and information industries, discussing the impact of augmented reality and upcoming layered reality technologies in those industries.

Day Two found many of the leaders gathered to hear and see Marco’s solo “Cyber Illusion” talk, showing how the art of illusion has advanced in the digital age. This 45 minute presentation explored Marco’s personal creative journey, combining digital technology and the art of magic to develop stunning contemporary illusions. Illustrated with some astonishing examples of modern magic, the presentation delved into the question of why, in a technological age, magic still has the capacity to fool us and how Marco’s approach to creating illusions can be used in many other fields of endeavor. The talk played to a packed house, and received a most enthusiastic response.

Later on Day Two, Marco was a guest at the cultural leaders dinner, and on Day Three he was a featured panelist on the “Art and Illusion: Is Seeing Believing.”

In a world where technology is blurring the edges of what is real in our lives, the time was right for Marco’s cutting edge cyber-illusions, and his insights about just how illusion, technology and creativity can interact to help create a better world for all.

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