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Peter Buffett Talks With NPR
New York, NY, May 2010

Peter Buffett was recently interviewed by NPR in an article aptly named “Buffett’s Lasting Legacy: Immaterial Wealth.” Touching upon what Buffett discusses in his memoir Life Is What You Make of It, in addition to his speaking program, the Emmy-award winning musician and son of famed investor Warren Buffett believes that he has lived a life in which he has learned to “make the best of a good situation.”

NPR's Renee Montagne notes:

“Peter Buffett says there are many assumptions that come with being his father's son— mainly an easy life of money and privilege.

‘But the support, the privilege, really comes from having two parents that said and believed that I could do anything,’ Buffett explains. ‘That support didn't come in the form of a check. That support came in the form of love and nurturing and respect for us finding our way, falling down, figuring out how to get up ourselves.’”

An accomplished musician, having scored numerous film and television programs, including the classic film Dances With Wolves, Buffett also speaks of his philanthropic work, almost a “pay it forward” scenario, in which he is aiding primarily young adolescent girls throughout the world, who very much seem to be in need of the same stability that has helped Buffett himself to achieve such success.

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