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Donahower with actress Fran Drescher

James Donahower Hosts Hope & Heroes Benefit
New York, NY, September 2010

On Thursday night, Concept mega-talent James Donahower raised $67,000 for Hope & Heroes, a Child Cancer Fund sponsored by The OctoberWoman Foundation. James shared the stage with Jerry Seinfeld, James Gandolfini and Fran Drescher but the task of tapping into the 2,000-strong crowd's inner generosity fell squarely on his shoulders. He did not disappoint. Said the client of Donahower's onstage antics:

"James took the stage with tremendous wit and charisma and did a great job getting the audience involved in the auction. His interaction with Fran Drescher was delightful - they should take it on the road!"

"It was a tough crowd. But James made them laugh until their wallets opened up."


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