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New York Reality TV School Becomes a Course At School for Visual Arts
New York, NY, April 2010

Robert Galinsky's New York Reality TV School is now being offered as a course at the School for Visual Arts. "Get On Reality TV" is workshop specifically designed to train students on the main themes of reality TV, including casting, reality conflict, camera work, and knowing your story.

Recently featured in an article on Manhattan's local news source DNA info, reporter/producer Nicole Breskin interviewed Galinsky about his latest undertaking. 

"It's not the best chef that necessarily gets on 'Top Chef,' or 'Hell's Kitchen.' If you're not confident and you don't have a personality, you've got no shot...It's the same with 'American Idol' and across the board. You're not coming to my class for singing lessons or to learn how to cook better."

"Get On Reality TV" will commence on June 8, 2010 for a summer session. For more information, please click here.


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