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Michael Moschen’s performances shatter all preconceptions of the art of juggling. Widely regarded as the world’s greatest concept juggler, Michael merges movements of objects with dynamic choreography and music to create mesmerizing visual and aural spectacles. Michael’s performances are innovative, inspirational, and can carry any audience away on a journey that transcends time and imagination.

Michael’s performances are an ideal compliment to a wide range of event types and themes, but are especially suited for events that have themes surrounding creativity, innovation, and focus. Michael can perform for up to 60 minutes at one time or his routines can easily be organized into shorter interstitial segments and spaced at specific intervals over the course of an event. Every Michael Moschen performance conveys a sense of elegance, grace and intelligence and he never fails to impress even the most jaded of executives!

Michael enjoys working closely behind-the-scenes with event producers and creative teams to help seamlessly integrate his performances into the overall creative context of an event. He can also work with clients to develop new performance material that is specifically customized to highlight client-specific messages or goals. In addition, Michael is available as a consultant to assist event producers with the overall creative direction and strategy of any event.

Michael has toured extensively to major concert halls and art festivals around the globe and he is often seen in theater, film, and television projects. Michael’s work crosses ethnic and social borders and can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages and backgrounds. He was commissioned by Cirque du Soleil to create and stage a new work for the company’s permanent theatrical circus in Las Vegas and the same work went on to tour with Cirque’s “Quidam” production. Michael also created and starred in “In Motion with Michael Moschen” for Great Performances on PBS, and he is the recipient of the MacArthur Foundation’s prestigious Genius Grant



Creativity (Skill, Risk, Focus, Journey)

An interactive and inspiring discussion about creativity and the creative process.

Michael’s program is a perfect keynote option for business audiences from any industry background, and audience members regularly find Michael’s talk to be life-changing and eye-opening beyond expectation. Michael integrates his own innovative and award-winning performance segments into his keynote address to provide dynamic examples of his own journey and creative process.

Michael begins his discussion by exploring the process of learning, and how we continue to learn throughout our entire lives. But as one’s life expands, new individual experiences and changes in environmental factors shape the context of how we learn and affect our learning processes. To continue to be effective learners throughout life, we must continue to acquire new skills. Whatever the subject matter at hand may be, we can only truly learn and achieve personal growth by continuing to develop and implement new skills to guide the learning process.

Michael’s discussion approaches the question of what is skill from many different perspectives, dissecting and analyzing skill in various forms and contexts. What does skill liberate in individuals? What are the boundaries of skill?

Michael works with audiences to identify the individual preconceptions, limitations, and fears that many people feel when undertaking a creative process. For any creative endeavor to be successful, individuals must develop an honest approach to the risks inherent in creativity. Before we make the leap into the unknown, we must come to terms with self-imposed perceptual frames. Any well-intentioned creative effort will become labored and unsatisfying unless we can reveal, clearly define, and then embrace our own personal sense of risk. Creativity starts with the desire to question, the courage to play, and a belief in the unknown.


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