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Jon Stetson is an internationally acclaimed intuitionist and world-renowned performer of illusions and ‘sleight of mind.’  He has over 25 years experience and more than 10,000 performances and speeches to his credit.

As an intuitionist, one of Jon’s special skills is observing people’s patterns and stepping inside their heads.  He knows what you’re thinking, he really does!

President Bush, President Carter, The King of Sweden, Donald Trump, Bob Kraft & The New England Patriots, Fortune 1000 organizations, associations and celebrity audiences have experienced Jon Stetson worldwide.

He’s been seen in major performance venues across the U.S. including The Magic Castle in Las Vegas and the iconic Feinstein’s in New York City.  He’s also made appearances on CBS, PBS, A&E, and recently was featured on the Dr. Oz Show & Brad Meltzer’s “Decoded.”

Jon truly understands the meaning and importance of capturing the mind share and heart share of an audience.  The results of a speech or performance by Jon are amazing, motivational, inspirational, and hilarious.  Your customers, your employees and your bottom line will thank you for it—if they aren’t left speechless, that is!





Every Day is an Intuitive Challenge

Intuition is the art and craft of accessing and utilizing as much of the vast life experience that we all share as human beings. Often called by other names… a gut feeling, a hunch, or an even a guess that seems to come out of nowhere, whether logical or not… Intuition is usually the real explanation for those "educated guesses" that almost always seem right.

This speech will help you to begin connecting with, learning and utilizing the language of intuition to your benefit.  Whether in business or in your personal life, one of the greatest benefits of developing your intuition is connecting better and more powerfully with the world and people around you.

The energy from other people can be a rich source of "hidden" information as well. Just as gamblers have learned that poker isn't just a card game, once you invest in your intuition, your awareness of things around you will grow.  We all speak volumes about ourselves without necessarily realizing it's happening. 

Throughout the speech, Jon not only discusses, but demonstrates to audiences the powerful, life-changing impact that even a small investment in one's intuition can have on all walks of life. Subconsciously, we all know how powerful the energy we project every waking minute can be, but to actually see it in action only furthers this exercise in human nature.

After experiencing “Unleash Your Intuition," you'll find yourself projecting more and more positive energies that will connect you to people in ways you never thought possible, creating relationships that are more focused and leading to a more successful career and life.


The Jon Stetson Experience

The Stetson experience is intelligent, interactive and sophisticated fun. Along with hundreds of corporate performances, Jon has performed for three U.S. Presidents, the King of Sweden, the royal family of Monaco, and has appeared on countless major television networks.

Injecting uproarious comedy into each show, Jon creates a hilarious and unique performance that never fails to blow the audience away. By combining the art of mystery with the science of psychology, the power of intuition, the predictability of human nature and a disarming sense of humor, Jon creates the impression that anything is possible. It's a show packed with audience participation where thoughts are revealed, minds are read, reality bends and imagination is stretched to the outer limit.

He knows what you're, really, he does.



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