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Bill Irwin is nothing less than an American icon and one of the globe's most diversely skilled live performers.

A master of the language of the body, Bill Irwin has aptly been described as modern day Buster Keaton. An actor, director, writer and choreographer, Bill is the recipient of two Tony Awards for FOOL MOON (Best Live Theatrical Presentation) and for WHOSE AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF (Best Actor In a Play).  He is a recipient of a MacArthur Genius Fellowship, the National Endowment for the Arts Choreographer's Fellowship and been named a Guggenheim Fellow.

In 2010, The New Victory Theater presented Bill Irwin with the first ever New Victory Arts Award. He was honored for "bringing the arts to kids and kids to the arts." For his work in LARGELY NEW YORK Bill won a New York Drama Critics Circle Special Citation in 1988, and an Outer Critics Circle Award and Drama Desk Award in 1989. This show also received five Tony Award nominations.

In popular culture, Bill's work spans the generations, from his innovative character Mr. Noodle in the ELMO’S WORLD segment of the PBS children's show SESAME STREET to his recent work as serial killer Nate Haskell on CSI. Baby boomers all know him from his featured role in the 1988 cult classic, music video of "Don't Worry, Be Happy" with Bobby McFerrin and Robin Williams.  Film audiences will know him for his roles in RACHEL GETTING MARRIED and HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS among others.

As a keynote presenter, Bill’s inspiring, informative and highly entertaining live presentation engages audiences to observe and understand interpersonal communication in new ways.  He ask them to step outside themselves and analyze how they are representing themselves to others and ultimately, how to make better use of their non-verbal communication skills to enhance their success.

As a live performer, Bill is a compelling addition to any meeting or event. As the host of a general session or an awards gala, he can integrate periodic short performance vignettes, to keep the audience entertained and focused on the program's objectives.




In the course of 40 minutes, we take a physical comedian's look at the language of the body -- (the oldest language) -- the language in which barriers are broken, and barriers are put up -- with classic physical bits, by way of illustration.

Some points along the way:
-- Watch a well known corporate CEO be saved by a savvy camera operator..........
-- Using the advice that Liza Minelli once whispered to me.......
-- Looking at the neck, the shoulders, the chest -- maybe that's where the real communication happens?  (Easy ways to think about it, and easy ways to relax about it.)
--The Mike Nichols principle.....
-- The habitual gesture -- when does it cross over into comedy?
-- The smile, -- when is it actually friendly?
-- Jim Carrey's mind......
-- The Comedia dell'arte -- why does it speak across centuries?  Why is it still funny?  What's it got to say for anybody who has to present in public?

In Bill's own words:

"All my life, it's the theatre --  and especially physical comedy in the theatre -- that's been my lens.   A Comic's Notebook/The Language of the Body --  in which I share my passion for what I do-  it's not so much a lecture as a comic sharing his lore.  I think it can be VERY useful to people in business -- not because they want to be comics, but because the language of the body is the ultimate language in front of people.

The best way to talk about all of this, for me, is to look at the classic elements of "body comedy" -- to share some of my favorite bits, and my passion for what I do -- and to let it shed light on the challenges of being in front of people.  It starts at a podium, but moves on to the whole stage -- or room -- or wherever we are.   Questions and answers afterwards  -- if anyone has any --  are a joy, because this is what I love doing, this is what I love looking at: The Language of the Body"


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