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For nearly 15 years, THE WATER COOLERS have entertained audiences around the world, as far reaching as Singapore and Australia, with their high energy, uncommonly funny,  authentic take on work and life. Smart phones, conference calls, kids, co-workers, and travel are just a few of the topics this group of top NYC talent turns into hilarious sketch comedy and song.  They are one of the few acts to win Event Solutions magazine’s Spotlight Awards for Entertainment of the Year multiple times.

In addition to their long-standing place as a top comedy act in the events world, they’ve recently added a keynote presentation to their offerings.  Using their unique mix of music and comedy combined with real-world practical tips, their laugh-out-loud keynote, “Getting to Great Performance” has been described as engaging, motivational, amazing, relevant, on point, unforgettable, and brilliant by audience members.

THE WATER COOLERS writing team is a mix of professional comedy writers and people working in the "real world" and headed up by one of the creators of New York's longest running comedy hit ever, TONY 'N TINA'S WEDDING.

The performing cast is made up of New York professionals with resumes including top comedy clubs like Igby's, the Improv, the Comic Strip, and the Icehouse as well as  Broadway productions of such shows as “Wicked,” “Rock of Ages,”  “Legally Blonde”, “The Adams Family” “Chicago” “Hair”, “Pippin”, “In The Heights ,” “Les Miserables,” “Mamma Mia,” and many more.




Imagine a keynote that completely engages your audience, pumps the room full of energy, and delivers relevant, easy–to-apply tips on how to knock down barriers that stand between you and top-level performance.  Well you don’t have to imagine.  The award-winning singing comedy act, The Water Coolers, can deliver it right now.  

They combine insights from two places: their writing team -- which includes both business people and professional comedy writers; and their cast members -- performers who compete and win in the most competitive market in the country, New York City.  Together, they convey a fresh, unique perspective about achieving and maintaining peak performance in today’s world.   

The result?  High-energy, crazy-great singing and hilarious, relatable comedy that brings smart content to life.  Using song parodies and sketch comedy, they keep attendees howling with laugher and self-recognition. This is what makes content stick. Really stick. Like “Conjunction Junction, What’s Your Function?” stick.  (See, you remember that, don’t you?).


Attendees will take away techniques in 3 areas:

· Facing the fear that blocks innovation.  Customer expectations are changing every day.  You need to innovate to meet them and that means overcoming the fear of putting yourself on the line.  As NYC-based performers, The Water Coolers spend their lives on the line and share tips to maintain the confidence to deliver.

· Unguarded wide-open, full-out, all-in collaboration – the kind that reaches a creative level.  You hear a lot about collaboration, but true collaboration needs to rise above the respectful exchange of ideas to ignite a creative process where ideas feed off of on another.  As a nationally recognized comedy act, The Water Coolers team is constantly building this dynamic and will share some of the techniques they use to do it.

· Focus in a time of unparalleled distraction.  Got a great idea and ready to make the magic? Wait, your phone is ringing.  Hold on, your 12-year old is sending you a text (that you can’t decipher).  Wow.  Does anyone know how long it takes for 137 emails to drop in?   Focus is fundamental to a great performance.   Come behind the scenes with these seasoned NYC pros to learn about the tools they use to get in the zone and stay there. 

Call today to learn more about this unique keynote.  It’s the best of all worlds – a keynote that’s current, funny, and fresh, brought to you by the folks that have been getting standing ovations around the world for the last 15 years!


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